Reliable, personalized healthcare programs for the family.


TrackMyBeat is an innovative healthcare services company, offering a home based health management system
that monitors and manages healthcare for the whole family. Trackmybeat’s solutions are available to individual subscribers as well as corporates through special corporate health and wellness plans.

We Aim To:

  • Provide extensive monitoring of health signs
  • Proactively support health management process by regular investigations & clinician reviews
  • Help diagnose chronic diseases early and reduce complications of chronic diseases
  • Provide information to prevent unnecessary hospitalization

Constant monitoring for early diagnosis and preventive care.

Why TrackMyBeat

Quality of health outcome for chronic illness in India is poor - with short doctor interactions, long wait times, and absence of detailed medical history. TrackMyBeat’s solution will lead to a substantial improvement in quality of doctor visit and treatment.

Existing Healthcare Systems:

  • High volume of clinical backlog

  • Bias towards curative treatment
  • Expensive hospitalization

  • Difficult access to medical history
  • Insufficient clinical follow-up
Key Chronic Illnesses:

Our Solution:

  • 24/7 access to health management professionals
  • Early diagnosis
  • Preventive care through regular monitoring
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Proactive health management,
    tailored for you

TrackMyBeat revolves around me.

Our Services

  • Annual health screening
  • Personalized healthcare plan
  • Regular monitoring of health parameters at home via devices / sensors
  • Regular planned diagnostic tests
  • Reminders for medication and appointments
  • Telehealth professionals available around-the-clock for any medical queries
  • Medication analysis for drug interactions
  • Personalized health analytics based on subscriber’s interaction with the care plan and sensors
  • Secure EMR with subscriber specific pages for family & treating clinician
  • Analytics based intervention referral
  • Lifestyle advice on Nutrition and Activity
  • Medication supply upon request

Proactive health management, tailored for you and your family.

Membership Programs

For Families

  • A preventive plan tailored to your family and its needs
  • Access to your medical history and current medical assessment at your fingertips
  • Lifestyle-adjusted health management plan
  • Consistent monitoring and support for all your health and wellness related concerns

For Doctors

  • Personalized web portal
  • Access to user’s healthcare data and history at your fingertips
  • Key user tracking - prioritized by urgency
  • Public advisory
  • Real-time data on every subscriber with built-in alerts

For Corporates

  • A customized solution for all levels of employees and their dependents
  • Focus on preventive care ranging from general wellness to constant monitoring
  • Support for medical and health concerns
  • Analytics tailored to your company, showing data-driven results

TrackMyBeat will work with you.

About Us

TrackMyBeat was founded by a 20-year veteran of the technology/healthtech industry Ananda Sen Gupta (IIT Delhi ‘91, IIM Calcutta ’96), and by Dr. Vishwakirti Sharma (M.S. Orthopaedics ’04, ISB Hyderabad ’08) an orthopaedic surgeon with experience in Clinical program management and product development with Apollo and Moolchand Hospitals, Delhi.

TrackMyBeat has a group of experienced Advisors, consisting of Clinicians, Advisor to the United Nations, successful entrepreneurs and bankers.

24/7 access to health
management professionals.

Contact Us

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