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TrackMyBeat is an innovative healthcare technology and analytics company, offering a complete health and wellness management system. We focus on the prevention of lifestyle diseases. The subscriber can proactively manage his or her health through automated alerts. The product also highlights the efficacy of various interventions and activities in improving the user's well-being.

Simple, Bluetooth-enabled health diagnostic devices are used to monitor the subscriber's health. The relevant data is then captured through the subscriber's mobile phone and can be accessed through the personalized web portal from anywhere.

The Solution
  • A personalized approach towards maintaining good health
  • Outcome-oriented program motivates users to make better lifestyle choices
  • Prevents unnecessary medical complications associated with chronic diseases
  • Enables consistent monitoring of both health and fitness levels
  • Provides secure and reliable tools to increase the effectiveness of the healthcare you receive
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News and Events

  • Dec 2014: TrackMyBeat attends the mHealth conference in Washington DC.
  • Nov 2014: Ananda Sen Gupta, CEO, spoke at the “MAKE IN INDIA” session during the 8th Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics 2014 Conference (#APAMI2014). The theme 'Health IT Solutions for Improving Patient Care' focused on the ecosystem healthcare providers aim to build by harnessing technology. Ananda spoke on building technology which targets the management of non-communicable diseases, which is climbing fast among the urban and rural populations of India.
  • April 2014: TrackMyBeat CEO Ananda Sen Gupta delivers a talk on Innovators & Entrepreneurs panel on Trackmybeat’s innovative home based health care solutions, at the India Innovation Summit 2014 hosted by IM4i.
  • March 2014: TrackMyBeat to deploy Bluetooth enabled monitoring solutions in remote rural areas in West Bengal, working with Dr. Subrata Maitra, Chairman of taskforce monitoring state healthcare development in West Bengal, and a charitable organization, Ram Krishna Ma Sarada Swastha Seheba Parishad.
  • December 2013: Trackmybeat showcases their connected health solution at the Continua Health Alliance booth at the 5th annual mHealth Summit held in Washington D.C. between December 8-11, 2013. The mHealth Summit is presented by HIMSS, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, the mHealth Alliance (under UN Foundation) and the Foundation for the NIH.
  • October 2013: TrackMyBeat signs on its first customer, New Delhi, India
  • September 2013: TrackMyBeat CEO Ananda Sen Gupta delivers a talk on Predictive Analytics - Moving from Curative to Preventive Mechanisms at the PHD Chamber Seminar on Big Data to Predictive Analytics - The Future of Healthcare, New Delhi, India
  • June 2013: TrackMyBeat participates in the Continua Summer Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • January 2013: TrackMyBeat becomes member of Continua Health Alliance, an international standard body on medical devices
  • December 2012: TrackMyBeat joins the United Nations mHealth Alliance

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